CGI Tester


CGI Tester is an indispensable program for anybody working with CGI or Perl scripts.

It allows full testing of CGI and Perl scripts on a PC with Windows without needing to have an internet connection, and without having to upload files to internet servers to test then.

And it's free.



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Start CGI Tester and create a new project. Add any CGI or Perl scripts you are working on to the project.

If necessary, select the script in the box near the top of the window.

Set the Configuration of each file.

Here for example we have one file, "ExampleScript.cgi" added to our project, and we set it so that is is automatically run each time the file itself is saved in an external editor :


Not much to see yet - wait !

Now in an external editor, NotePad for example, you edit the code of the CGI script.  E.g. :


Now, to see the executed output from the script, all you have to do is Save the script in NotePad, and CGI Tester displays the output automatically :


CGI Tester displays the actual HTML in the top window, and the HTML code in the middle window.

Now you can see the effects of modifying your script immediately you make your changes. E.g. we change one of the lines as shown:


Now press "Save" and the output in CGI is updated automatically to:


Any PERL commands will work - Forms, Time and Database Modules, etc.

Here is another simple example that uses the Time module to display today's date :


This produces the following output :


If you have a mistake in your code, the output is shown in the bottom window - for example if we leave out the semi-colon after one of the print commands, you would get an output from CGI Tester like this:


Window sizes are all adjustable using the top scrollbars, and the main CGI Tester window is re-sizeable.

This way you can have CGI Tester and your editing window both visible at the same time, so you can see the changes in your script updated in real-time without even having to change windows.

For examples of what you can achieve using this program, see the Table Tennis Pro forum here, which was created using CGI Tester.









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