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For all queries specific to the iPhone and iPod Touch versions of Solitaire 3D.
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Features requests

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Here's a list of features that I would appreciate in future updates of Solitaire 3D both for IPod/iPhone and Mac. With these, it would evolve from great to perfect!

1. I would really, really, really like a button called “I'm I stuck?”. I don't want it t tell me what to play, but just if another move if possible or not. To be perfect, it should be able to take into consideration that if the only move possible is to move one card to the other pile back and forth, that means that I'm really stuck!

2. I don't care about telling everyone my scores. I would really appreciate the possibility to turn off the message that ask me if I want to post them.

3. I don't care about scores. What I care about is to be able to finish the game. Maybe with timing for easy/impossible-to-loose games (such as Thumb and Pouch). I would like to be able to turn off the scores.

4. Finally, even if I don't care about scores, it's still nice to receive a message telling me that it's my best score (or timing) for the week/month/year/all-time, but I could go without the “you already have a better score than that!” message. What I want is to go really fast to the menu to start another game.


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