Murray's relationship with fans was Madden 24

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Murray's relationship with fans was Madden 24

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The coaching staff must come up with ways to employ his skills as well, which is why Robinson such an intriguing case study.

Tharold Simon, cornerback Seattle Seahawks

Tharold Simon was pretty awful during his final year at LSU. A tough cornerback with the ability to play coverage for the press, Simon was constantly exposed for his inability to use quick feet and fluid hips. Lucky for him, the Seahawks love big, physical cornerbacks. Simon's final season at LSU an indicator of his skill or will the Seahawks come up with a method to transform him into a formidable cover man like the many other players?

Johnathan Franklin and Eddie Lacy, Running backs, Green Bay Packers

Fantasy football fans are likely to be monitoring the Packers running back's situation with a close eye throughout the preseason and training Mut 24 coins camp. Youngsters Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin are expected to split the workload in Green Bay's backfield since they possess different skills. But one of these running backs may be able to separate himself during the preseason.

Quanterus Smith, Defensive end/Outside linebacker, Denver Broncos

Quanterus Smith would have earned more pre-draft buzz if he hadn't torn his ACL at the conclusion the season of his final year. Smith is among the most technologically advanced pass rushers in the draft class, however the Broncos are hoping he maintains his speed following his knee injury that ended his season. Will he be able to participate in training camp? If so, how successful will the results be?

Cornellius Carradine, Defensive end, San Francisco 49ers

Another injury scenario worth observing in the preseason includes 49ers rookie Tank Carradine and his ACL injury. He was recovering in a rapid manner leading up to the draft. But how does he handle the rigors of an Madden NFL 24 training camp? A fit Carradine as a player in the 49ers defense appears to be unfairas he's got the ability to stick his hand into the ground and get up to get after the passer. He could have made the first-rounder had it not been because of his knee injury.

Tyler Bray, Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

The issue of character has given a new significance with regard to Madden NFL 24 squads following what happened in the last few offseasons. Tyler Bray went undrafted because of concerns about his maturity. However, he may have come to the right spot. The new Chiefs Coach Andy Reid has proven to be a solid coach for players struggling throughout his time with the team. Bray's physical abilities are awe-inspiring, but he needs to grow to be a better player before he can make it onto the Chiefs roster. If he does not make it as the third quarterback of the team the team will be saying a lot about his attitude.

Da'Rick Rogers, Wide Receiver, Buffalo Bills

Another impressive talent who was undrafted due to off-the-field issues was wide receiver Da'Rick Rodgers. Rogers was exiled from Tennessee for failing to pass drug tests, and also for hitting heads with the coaches. Rogers is big, fast and has the ability to make plays following the catch, however the Bills do not have any money invested in him as an undrafted player. As a result, the quarterback will be on an extremely fine line and must do his best on the field in order to make the roster.

D.J. Fluker, Offensive Tackle, San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers can attest to the extent to which the Chargers offensive line struggled in 2012. First-round draft pick D.J. Fluker will be in a position to earn a starting spot on one of the league's biggest fronts. Fluker isn't a good fit for left tackle due to his feet being heavy, and could even struggle to play right tackle early in his career. He will have an opportunity to play in the early stages but will he be ready for it?

Cordarrelle Patterson, Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are hoping Cordarrelle Patterson can ease their loss to Percy Harvin. Patterson is a great player with the ball in his grasp, however, he's not as good as Harvin in many aspects the game. In the preseason, the Vikings will likely put Patterson's workload to the max to help prepare him for Madden NFL 24 fast. It should be interesting to determine how they are able to involve him.

Ziggy Ansah and Defensive End Ziggy Ansah Detroit Lions

The term raw was used in nearly every conversation about BYU defensive lineman Ezekiel Ansah just prior to when he was selected in the Madden NFL 24 Draft. His combination of strength and speed led him to be drafted in the top five, though his draft spot is associated with being a key contributor early on. Given the speed with which Ansah is growing in his college years, the next chapter of his career will be thrilling to track.

Brian Schwenke, Center, Tennessee Titans

The inside of the Titans' offensive line has been a major problem for the team over the recent seasons, but it doesn't have to be anymore following the fact that Tennessee signed guard Andy Levitre and drafted Alabama guard Chance Warmack with the No. 10 selection in the draft of April. However, fourth-rounder Brian Schwenke, a center from California is the best interior lineman to watch during the training camp. He was described for being an "ordinary tools" guy, but is expected to have a shot at a starting job from the first day.

Peterson not the best choice for a replacement.

Adrian Peterson erased any and all doubts over his ability to heal quickly after he rushed for 84 yards and two touchdowns in Week 1 this season, only eight months after undergoing major procedure to repair a tear to the MCL and ACL. However, the news broke today that Peterson had not completely recovered after his hernia surgery in January but the team hopes that Peterson will return on time for OTAs in May, or perhaps for voluntary training sessions in April. Check out Daily Norseman for more on the Vikings.

Time is running up on Revis trade

On the field, Keenan Allen of the Madden 24 Nation was in attendance at Cal wide receiver's pro morning in North Carolina. What did Allen's performances reveal what he can expect from how he will play in Madden NFL 24 potential?

It's likely that the New York Jets won't have Darrelle Revis beyond the 2013 season, that much is known. The Jets want to let him go now but the probability of winning 2012 Madden NFL 24 Draft selections is getting slimmer and slimmer each day. With the draft just a couple weeks away, the time to make a difference is closing, and for the building Jets it's an absolute priority.

Russell drawing actual interest?

However, regardless of whether JaMarcus Russell is able to complete his return to Madden NFL 24. nobody can deny that he's making an effort This time. On Tuesday, news broke that the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals are showing the most interest in Russell in the current offseason. Being signed by either team would certainly be exciting and especially when you consider that he might have a chance to play against the Cardinals.

Winston frustrated with free agency

A free-agent offensive lineman Eric Winston is "frustrated" over the way the process of free agency has been so far. Winston insists that he's overvaluing himself by asking for $3-4 million per season.

Writing This is The Boys: Winston, Cowboys are talking

It was a very strong class for offensive tackles at the beginning. The forthcoming draft is very wide at the position in addition, which is sure to lower Winston's value.

Dallas solicits Free to cut pay

Doug Free is set to make $7 million in 2013. with the maximum at $10.02 million. For the Cowboys it's excessive, especially when you consider that Free was among the worst-penalized offensive lineman in Madden NFL 24 last season. Dallas is hoping to add Winston to take over this position, and Free kicking inside to guard. Although the team has asked Free to take a pay cut Free doesn't have the motivation to accept it given that his cap figure will stay the same if the team decides to let him go.

Saints re-sign De La Puente

The emergence of Brian De La Puenta as a top-of-the-line center has proved fantastic for the Saints However, the two teams are unable to agree on a long term contract as of yet. The team on Tuesday signed him for a single-year deal worth $2.023 million. It's smart money is now on the team trying to work out an extension this season.

The bills pay Kolb ... in a way

On Tuesday, the contract numbers for the quarterback Kevin Kolb trickled out, and some sense was made of the initial $13 million contract. In reality, Kolb's guarantee is just $1 million, which is an initial salary of $6.1 million. Kolb could earn $13 million however only if he's the primary player and has plenty of escalators and incentives. Find out more about Buffalo Rumblings details on the Bills.

The first weekend of the 2013 Madden NFL 24 Playoffs can conclude with what could be by all accounts, the most thrilling game of the season. There is a huge game for the Seattle Seahawks, playing perhaps the best football in the league travel across the country to face their rivals, the Washington Redskins, winners of their seven previous games. The main focus heading to the game will be about the head-tohead battle between the two rookie quarterbacks, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. Both have made their arguments for the Madden NFL 24's rookie of The Year honor, but victory during the afternoon game on Sunday Maryland will surely be the biggest prize.

The Seahawks' dominance during the last month is evident and dominance in the final month of the season, the Seahawks start the game as home favorites against the NFC East champs. But all five of their loss this season were in road games, and RGIII is likely to have the rest of a week to recuperate from his knee injury. A 2011 Heisman champion was evidently limited in the Redskins' final two games of the season. He wore a a bulky knee brace that hindered his speed when running through the backfield. Wilson had no major injury issues the first season but increased his efficiency each week in order to keep the Seahawks rolling when the postseason gets underway.

Meet the Redskins

The Redskins enter the postseason on a seven-game win streak, recovering from a 3-6 mark on their bye, to climb toward the top of NFC East. Griffin totally changed his fortunes for a team which had not made an appearance in the postseason since 2006. and he had one of the most boring offenses in the Madden NFL 24. He was a hit from the beginning by bringing the Saints during the opening week, and then leading as the captain of the team for the first time through the course of the season.

Mike and Kyle Shanahan dramatically altered their offense to fit the skills of RGIII, making use of the pistol and the zone-read option. Chris Brown highlighted the offensive adjustments in Washington and the Redskins executed it flawlessly against Dallas to clinch victory on the final night of the season. Griffin averages nearly seven yards per carry operating the zone-read, and even wearing a knee brace, he effectively found running room on the outside when he faced the Cowboys. Although he's not 100 of his potential, Shanahan and RG3 have found the right spots to force the defense to take a decision and he's fast enough to gain yards even when he's not at full speed.

Of of course, RGIII isn't the only rookie who is racking up yards in huge chunks out of the backfield. In his first game, Alfred Morris has been an extremely efficient running back. The sixth-round pick made the attention on primetime during the final game of the season. Morris ran a massive 200-yard performance against the Cowboys while setting the Redskins single-season record for rushing. Morris finished the season at 1.613 yardsjust Adrian Peterson had more -and scored 13 touchdowns, including seven in the final four games. The rookie can be found in holes and quickly gets up to the top of the defense, which is a perfect fit in the Redskins new offensive. The rookie duo paced Washington to the best rush attack in the Madden NFL 24 with an average of 169.3 yards per game.

The Redskins defense was largely responsible for the slow start, but even Jim Haslett's group got better in the second half of the season during Washington's postseason push. Washington repeatedly blitzed on Sunday night and prevented Dallas to just 18 points . The team also restricted the passing attack, which made the Cowboys nearing the playoffs. However, the Redskins' secondary remains vulnerable with a record of 281.9 yards per gamewhich is 30th in the league. Wilson will have his chances to shoot down the field and must be able to get the front line protection to fend off the blitz pressure Haslett will likely unleash.

At the opposite end of the spectrum The Redskins stand amongst the top in the league against the rush. The ageless London Fletcher has been nursing an ankle injury in the second quarter of the season, however the defense he is leading can hold teams to 95.8 yards per match. As with Washington The Seahawks have one of the best rush games in Madden NFL 24. led by the possibility of a couple of plays with Wilson along with Marshawn Lynch. Fletcher as well as the defensive need to stop Seattle in the air or otherwise Wilson could expose a weak secondary that is prone to play-action.

Meet the Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks enter the postseason as the team people don't want to play after they swept through across the country with five wins during the month of December. They've got one of the best defenses in the Madden NFL 24 and Wilson's improvement throughout the year led to a true dual-threat and well-balanced offense as the regular season came to an end.

Seattle's defense ranks in top 10 for both the pass and run. The Seahawks put pressure constantly up the middle and off the edge, rattling quarterbacks that are unable to hold the ball to a strong secondary. Chris Clemons and rookie Bruce Irvin may make up the league's busiest couple of edge rushers. They utilize their speed to get close to the quarterback. Red Bryant and Brandon Mebane are a mess in the interior and often push into the backfield. It will be a struggle for Washington to block a Seattle front seven that will be an improvement over the front seven that the Redskins played through on Sunday night.

Because of RGIII's mobility issues, Washington has to be prepared to challenge Seattle through the air. But the Seahawks have one of the top defensive backfields of Madden NFL 24 that is and are led by Richard Sherman, who will be available after winning his appeal over a Madden NFL 24 ban. Sherman is the leader of the team with eight interceptions . He could be playing against Pierre Garcon, Washington's biggest threat outside of the numbers. Garcon has provided a huge improvement to the Redskins passing game by shaking off a foot injury and scoring a few big plays at the end of the season. But Sherman, the secondary and the pass rush in front can be a tough challenge for RGIII.

As the number. 2 overall selection, Griffin received much of the national attention early in the season. However, Wilson's style of play matched him down the stretch. The Seahawks played conservatively early in the season however, Wilson scored big plays when called upon. In the second half of the season, Wilson has become a proficient passer in the pocket , as well as when he's running and keeps defenses at bay and building a connection and a rapport with Sidney Rice and Golden Tate. He rarely makes mistakes in the final stretch of the season, racking up 26 touchdown passes, and only 10 interceptions.

Similar to Griffin, Wilson is also a threat on the ground, no matter whether it's a planned move or through scrambling. Wilson averaged more that five yards on the ground this season , and scored four rushing touchdowns. But it's Lynch who has the most work out of the backfield. He averaged five yards per run with the second-highest number attempted attempts of the NFL. Similar to Wilson, Lynch rarely coughs it up, losing just two fumbles during the year. A positive turnover margin is typically the most effective route to win on road and both Lynch and Wilson don't give it away.

Local Takes: Redskins

Hogs Haven breaks down the film on Haslett's plan to repeatedly blitz the Cowboys and wonders what may be to come for Seattle:

We required Jim Haslett and his defense to join forces and get us to the playoffs.

And the game plan that defensive coordinator Haslett developed was certainly gutsy, but it was flawlessly executed and left Tony Romo and the Cowboys stunned. The Redskins made blitz upon blitz in the hope of getting to Romo before he made play. Sometimes, they would cover a blitz with similar looks or at other times they didn't try to hide it at all.

local takeaways: Seahawks

Kenneth Arthur of Field Gulls review the Seahawks close of the season and looks forward to Washington:

I certainly hope that Madden NFL 24 is going skip the Seahawks for the second time and go with the Redskins as well as their Player of the YearRobert Griffin III, and their seven consecutive wins over Seattle. Please , do not count out the Seahawks out. This is exactly what the team is all about. We, myself and you, are Seattle fans. We wereborn with an itch on our shoulders. We weren't given anything. Also, neither was Richard Sherman, or Wilson as well as Doug Baldwin, or Brandon Browner. Was it a close game? A 90-yard drive is needed to score the touchdown? Griffin getting the NFC East on national television? Phew!

The winner of this match will play either the 49ers or Falcons. If the Vikings beat the Packers and the winner of the Seahawks-Redskins match-up cheap madden 24 coins will face the 49ers. If Green Bay takes care of business at home, the winner of the Seahawks-Redskins will be sent to Atlanta next week.

The game is played in This Stream Seahawks vs. Redskins 2013 Madden NFL 24 Playoffs: Seattle advance with Wild Card win during Washington Seahawks fan infiltrates D.C. RGIII vs. Russell Wilson tops Wild Card weekend. View each of 42 storiesPeyton Manning breaks the record of TD passes during a season

Peyton Manning broke the Madden NFL 24 record for passing touchdowns in one season when he scored four touchdowns in the Denver Broncos' win over the Houston Texans in Week 16. Manning is currently throwing 51 touchdown passes during the season, beating Tom Brady and the 50 touchdown passes he made in 2007 for The New England Patriots.

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