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This applies to games purchased from the GrassGames website only.


1) After purchasing you should receive an email with something like the following details in it:

Customer Login Information

Login internet site:

Use the following to login:
     First Name:   Some
     Last Name:    Name
     Order Number: 12345


2) Click the link in the email and login online using the details from the email.


3) After you login, you will see a page something like this:

4) Click your platform and follow the instructions.


5) You should now have the full version downloaded.

Windows: Double click the ".exe" file you have just downloaded to install the game.
After the installation you will see an icon on your desktop to start the game.

Macs: The file you downloaded will be in your "Downloads" folder.
Go there using Finder and move the app to your Desktop or Applications folder as you see fit.
Note: Normally the app is extracted automatically by Safari after you download it.
If not, double click the ".zip" file you downloaded to extract the act.



The instructions below are only needed for:

GrassGames' Cribbage
GrassGames' Hearts (Old Version 1.7 Only)



6) If you need to enter a key into the game, here's an easy way to do it:


6.1) Select the key text by clicking and dragging your mouse as shown:

6.2) Now right click (or hold down the "Control" key and click if you don't have a right mouse button) on the text and select "Copy" as shown:


6.3) Now start your game that you have downloaded and select "Enter Registration Details" as shown:

6.4) In the next window, type in your first and last name as above,
and then click in the key box as shown:

6.5) Press "Command" + "V" on Macs or "Control" + "V" on PCs to paste the key in and press "Ok".

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