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Starting in Version 2.31, you can now setup multiplayer games between PC users and Macintosh users.

Nothing special needs to be setup, just organise a multiplayer game in the same manner you would organise a PC to PC or Mac to Mac multiplayer game.

See below for more details in setting up a multiplayer game online or with two computers in your house.






The person creating the game (host) will need to give the person joining the game (client) his or her IP address.

Your IP Address is displayed in the game after your click "Host". Alternatively you can view it here.

If the game shows up 2 IP addresses, one is probably for the Local Network (IP addresses that begin with 192....) and the other is the one needed for people outside your local network.



In order to setup a multiplayer game online, first you will need to find an opponent.

You can try to find one by entering the Multiplayer Chat Room.


Both parties should have a fast internet connection in order to get a good multiplayer game going. A dial-up connection would more than likely be too slow to play the game satisfactorily over the internet.

Also, slowing down the game speed can help to reduce the effects of Network lag.

Setting the "Synchronization" setting to "Jumpy" is also recommended to help reduce network lag.



If you still have problems settings up a multiplayer game, you can ask a question and look for answers in the Multiplayer Forum.





There are two methods for setting up multiplayer games in your house.

1) Home Network or LAN

In this method, two computers are connected to a local network. Please see your operating system's help files for details on how to setup a local network.

If you already have a local network setup linking two computers, running Windows or Macs or both, you should be able to setup a multiplayer game easily just by running the game on both machines and using the IP address shown in the game to do the connection.

2) Two Computers Connected Directly by a Cable

Windows to Windows

For Windows users there is a windows component called "Direct Cable Connection". This feature may or may not be installed on your computer. Click the Window's Start button and go to 'Programs->Accessories->Communications'. If there is no 'Direct Cable Connection' there you will need your Windows CD to add this component. Again you should read Window's Help for more information. You will need a cable to connect two computers together. If you are not sure what cable you may need, talk to your local computer dealer about setting this up.

Mac to Mac

Once you have two Macs connected via a network cable, setting up a multiplayer game is easy. Just start up Table Tennis Pro V2 and use the IP address that shows up in the game to connect with.

Windows to Mac

Setting up a network connection between a Windows PC and a Mac OS X machine can be done using a standard network cable. Both Windows XP and Mac OS 10.4.x and later have features installed to facilitate this. On older versions (eg. Windows ME or Mac OS X 10.3.x) this can be a lot more difficult.

Details of how to setup the connection can be found elsewhere on the internet as it is too complicated to be covered in depth here.

Once you have a network connection established, the rest it easy - just start up Table Tennis Pro V2 on both machines, and exchange the IP addresses that are shown in the game.

These methods are the best way to enjoy multiplayer games of Table Tennis Pro V2, as there is little or no network delay (lag) involved.