Solitaire 3D



The game accesses the internet in the following ways only:



The game downloads online scores from the GrassGames online high score list and displays them within the game. The game will also upload any high scores you achieve only when you press the "Submit" button from within the scores screen in the game.



To access the Facebook features within the "Friends" section in the game, you will be prompted to login to your Facebook account and allow the game to interact with your Facebook account. After you do this action the game will connect to Facebook to see if any of your friends are connected to the game. No more information is obtained or shared.



The only information stored by by GrassGames' solitaire games are the username you use within the game along with any scores you have submitted, and your Facebook ID if you setup "Friends" within the game. This information is used only by the online scoring system within the game and the "Friends" feature of the game. Submitted online scores are visible to all players of the game. Your Facebook ID is not visible to anyone or shared with any third parties.