Table Tennis Pro



"I must tell you that this program is by far the best I have ever played. The A.I. of the opponents is superb. At times it is almost hard to believe I am in a computer game and not in a real one."

Jim Bertucci,
Texas, USA.


"Man. You have to play this game - it is such a classy program. The game has so many options, and bells and whistles, that it's most certainly the most in depth, beautiful, and enjoyable sports game out there. I love table tennis anyway, but this is the bees knees."

Liz Burrow,
Devon, England


"Is this your software? Why don't more people know about it? Drug addiction would be wiped out with distribution of this program to the right places. Seriously though it is fantastic."

Mark Bodner.


"I wish you the best of success with your game it's truly one of a kind, i can't get enough of playing this game."

Denice Blakely.


"I have been unable to play table tennis for about 3 weeks now because of a shoulder injury, I have been going through withdrawals. Thanks to your wonderful game I think I will be able to maintain my sanity, course I can't wait to get back on the table. Thanks!!!""

Grayling J. Selvidge.


"I have recently purchased Table Tennis Pro and can Honestly say this game is Great. The A.I. is simply incredible and the Graphics are superb. A big pat on the back to the Programmers. Just goes to show if you spend the time and Effort you can get make a Fun and addicting Game. Great work! "

Samuel F.


"Thank you for a superb job of programming. After nearly twenty years in and around the information technology industry, I have found great software to be quite rare. Your program is an excellent example of real-time three dimensional modeling. The user interface has a nice balance between easy to use and challenging enough to hold interest. Great gameplay."

Jim Jacobs.


"This the best game on the net, great jog, I feel like I'm playing the real thing, keep it up."

Ron Ginyard.


"This is incredible!!!, whow!! How can you program a mouse to become a pad, in such way! It so smart that you did not need to use random effects or predictable behavior, it is just a matter of training like in real tennis. In fact, if you learn to control the effects and direction you'll make this game last, and will be playing for long long time, because it is perfect. Congratulations."

Marcelo J,


"Just want to say how cool the program is. Simple, nice to watch and addictively difficult! Nicely done."

Mario Trigueros.


"This game is one of the best games we've ever played."

Brian Patty.


"Table Tennis Pro is the most fun computer game I've ever played; it brings me back to the good old days of Pong. Of course, I love playing ping pong in real life and this game is a reasonable facsimile"

Judy Sue Kushner.


"For any one who has played the sport table tennis (not ping pong!) you will know what I mean. You will get a workout playing this game. I have spent tons of money on games and for fun and entertainment this is far the best! Watch out, you will never leave home again !!"

Jeff Burdon,
California, USA.


"Just like the real thing without having to retrieve the ball from the floor and pack away the table afterwards. Faultless installation and running and easy to learn controls, wish you well for the future."

Peter Bailey,
Scottish Borders, UK.


"Dear friends, your game works perfectly and it's simply wonderful. Many thanks and best wishes for success."

Enzo Alfredo Becchetti,
Rome, Italy.


"To the maker of Table Tennis Pro Deluxe, It's the best game, simulation, whatever that I have ever seen on a computer, PERIOD!!!! "

Gary Watt,
Salem Oregon, USA.


"There is a big difference between ping pong and table-tennis. Hoping to be pro in a few years, I have found TT pro to be a fantastic gaming experience! Ball physics, dexterity and realism, amazing! And most importantly, I found it helping my real game, especially tactical play."



"Wow Excellent Game!!! Runs pretty smoothly on my iMac G3. No crashes at all. There's a wide variety of shot selection which can take a little getting used to, but once you do it's VERY addictive and challenging."

Jar Gamma.


"Super game - no matter what talent you have for table tennis! Actually it made me take it up in 'real life' again !"